The Zentrum für Gesundheitsethik (Centre for Health Care Ethics) at the Protestant Academy of Loccum is situated in Hannover. We participate in the public discussion of ethics in medicine, nursing, and other areas of health care.

We are a service and research institute appointed by the Lutheran Church of Hannover. Our services range from professional training to public relations, consisting of oral presentation, conferences, seminars, interviews, instruction and lecturing, as well as participation in various commissions and working groups. This we accomplish with our own events in cooperation with other institutions.

The work of the ZfG is financed by the Lutheran Church of Hannover (Evangelisch-lutherische Landeskirche Hannovers). Research and individual projects are financed by funding and fees.



Zentrum für Gesundheitsethik an der Evangelischen Akademie Loccum

Tel.: 0511 1241 - 496
Fax: 0511 1241 - 497

Knochenhauerstraße 33
30159 Hannover

Eingang Hanns-Lilje-Haus Foto: ZfG